Chapter Titles


Chapter 1    Setting the Right Kind of Goals

Chapter 2    The Formula for Success

Chapter 3    Removing the Threats to Success

Chapter 4    Displaying the Attitudes of Success

Chapter 5    Examples of Wisdom

Chapter 6    How to Be Unsuccessful

Chapter 7    The Marks of a Real Friend

Chapter 8    The Importance of Our Words

Chapter 9    What You Need to Know to Be Successful

Chapter 10   Guarding against the Dangers of Success

Chapter 11   The Erosion of Success

Chapter 12   Success: The Conclusion of the Matter

Excerpt from the Introduction:


     While everyone desires success, each person’s definition of what it looks like is often distinctly different. A quick search on for books on “success” reveals hundreds of thousands of titles, each of which describes success in various ways. Some help their readers to achieve financial and monetary success by sharing investment secrets “guaranteeing” them to become millionaires in only a short period of time. Others point out the steps necessary to succeed in one’s business goals, weight goals, athletic goals, friendship and relationship goals, and all sorts of other goals—all attainable if we simply put into practice the advice offered by these success gurus (which, of course, requires us to purchase whatever program they are offering).

     But true success in life goes beyond the realization of a transitory and short-lived goal. Career goals, financial goals, physical goals—all these types of goals are good and important, but they do not provide a result that guarantees a lasting and eternal joy, peace, and contentment in life that so many people lack. Solomon achieved those things, but he lost them. True success is having an abiding joy, peace, and contentment in life and not losing them before we get to the end. How can we achieve that kind of success, and how can we hang on to it? That is what we will learn from Solomon’s life.

     Throughout this book, I have identified the lessons we can learn from Solomon’s good and bad examples in succinct statements called “success lessons.” These will be useful instructions we can apply in our own quests for true success.


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