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Lessons from the Apostles:

How God Uses All Types of People to Change the World


Lessons from the Apostles describes the struggles and personalities of the ordinary men Jesus chose to be His apostles. It reveals the transformation Jesus made in their lives and identifies specific lessons you can apply in your own life. You will also find brief accounts of the stories and legends regarding what happened to the apostles after the Bible.

As you read about each of these men, you will likely recognize your own personality in one or more of them. And you will find encouragement from knowing that you too are the type of person God can use to change the world.

Winner of the 2021 Best Indie Book Award

Second Place Winner of the 2022 Christian Indie Awards

2022 American BookFest Best Book Awards Finalist

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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about Lessons from the Apostles


A must read! Glen Blanscet's new book gives us an insightful look into the lives of the apostles and how God accomplished His transforming work in the world through each of them. In the hands of the Lord, their unique stories remind us that God accepts and uses all who are faithful in humbly offering their lives to Him.

Adam C. Wright, Ph.D.

President, Dallas Baptist University

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Lessons from Solomon:

Finding True Success in Life


Everyone wants to be successful. The problem, though, is that most people misunderstand what constitutes true success and how to achieve it. Lessons from Solomon answers this question by looking at the life of King Solomon, a man who not only achieved success by the world's standards but also had--and lost--true success that comes from knowing God. From King Solomon's story, you will learn several "success lessons" that you can apply in your own search for true success. 

2018 American BookFest Best Book Awards Finalist

Winner of the 2022 Best Indie Book Award

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Bible Study Notes:

A verse-by-verse study of

the New Testament

The First Two Volumes
 Ephesians and Jude
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